Galileo's Pendulum

Physics demonstration desk toy that makes a brilliant alternative to the universally popular Newton's Cradle. Galileo's Pendulum consists of 15 metal balls supported by strings that descend on a slight gradient. Use the wooden block included to push all of the balls at the same time and set them swinging from side-to-side simultaneously. As the balls move back and forth they will gradually go out of sync with one another, causing them to swing in a slithering snake like motion. This hypnotic physics effect is mesmerising to watch and makes a perfect executive desk toy, school demonstration or novelty for the home.

  • Physics demo desk toy
  • Consists of 15 metal balls hung on a gradient
  • Ball bearings snake as they swing
  • Perfect for school demo's or as a desk toy
  • Works for a surprising long period of time
  • Frame 54cm wide

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Ideal for ages 16+.
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